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Webinar: Swiss Industry Cooperation in Raytheon Patriot offset program

In 2022, armasuisse signed the Air2030 "Bodluv GR" procurement contract with the U.S. Government for the Patriot long range air defense system. The prime contractor for the system is Raytheon Technologies who received its contract award on March 28, 2023. Raytheon is undertaking subcontracting initiatives with Swiss industry to perform Patriot production work in Switzerland.

In coordination with ASIPRO and its member associations, Raytheon and two Swiss companies, RUAG and Rheinmetall, will provide information on their subcontracting strategies and opportunities for Swiss industry to establish business on Patriot and other future programs.

You are invited to attend this event. Membership in one of ASIPRO's member associations is not required.

Webinar:                            Swiss Industry Cooperation in Raytheon Patriot offset program

Date:                                   11 May 2023

Timetable:                         14.00 - 15.25                                          

Itinerary:                            14.00 - 14.05    Welcome by SWISS ASD 
                                                                          Matthias Zoller, Secretary General
                                             14.05 - 14.15    Raytheon Technologies Introduction and Company Overview
                                                                           Ryan Albert, Switzerland Patriot Offset Program Director
                                             14.15 - 14.35    Raytheon Supplier Sourcing Strategy & Development Process
                                                                           Andrew St. Hilaire, International Supply Chain Strategy – Europe
                                             14.35 - 14.45    Bodluv GR Offset Program Introduction, Raytheon         
                                             14.45 - 14.50    RUAG
                                                                           Thomas Imboden, Strategic Procurement
                                             14.50 - 14.55    Rheinmetall
                                                                         Tanja Schneider, Head of Strategic Procurement
                                             14.55 - 15.05    Raytheon approach for future indirect opportunities
                                             15.05 - 15.25    Questions & Answers

By participating in the webinar, you consent to the sharing of your information (company, contact details) with Raytheon.

Subscription Webinar Swiss Industry Cooperation in Raytheon offset program on 11 May 2023

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