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Education and training policy

The dual vocational training system makes it possible to train specialists in real-world conditions. To ensure a steady supply of next-generation talent for Swiss manufacturing, however, it needs to become more attractive and flexible.


A wide range of measures is needed to combat the shortage of skilled labour. Great efforts are required to boost the number of trainees in technical occupations and enable lateral moves in vocational education and training. Further challenges include attracting women to careers in the MEM industries and enhancing the attractiveness of engineering disciplines at university level.


Swissmem systematically supports basic vocational training in the MEM industries. We regard the educational system’s capacity to support individual development as very important. It must be sustained and expanded.


The dual vocational training system must be better integrated with international training systems, especially within the EU, and better publicized. Qualifications must be harmonized and mutually recognized.


Robert Rudolph

Head of Training and Innovation


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