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Swissmem is a strong supporter of training for young people and fills the role of a workplace organization in seven basic vocational training programmes. In the formal training arena, and especially professional education and training, the MEM industries feature a broad spectrum of unparalleled development opportunities. Swissmem is involved here too, as the body responsible for three professional examinations, two advanced professional diplomas and seven specialist subjects at institutes of higher vocational education. Together with the social partners, Swissmem is also responsible for the sfb educational centre, offering both formal and non-formal training opportunities. With the Swissmem Academy, the sector makes a significant contribution to formal and non-formal training.


Facts: training in the MEM industries

  • The MEM industries take vocational education very seriously and play an active role in this area. There are currently around 20,000 apprentices in training for MEM professions. Half of these are based at Swissmem companies. • Seven out of ten Swissmem companies have apprentice training programmes.
  • An apprenticeship with a Swissmem company is well worthwhile! Only around 2% of apprentices with Swissmem companies abandon their training.
  • With around 18,000 positions, technical apprenticeships account for the lion’s share of apprentices in the MEM industries. 35-40% of technical trainees in Swissmem member companies take a Berufsmatura course during their apprenticeships. Many continue with their course after completing the apprenticeship. These high rates are an indication of the MEM companies’ above-average commitment to the Berufsmatura system.
  • Every year, around 1,600 individuals in the MEM field successfully complete a training programme at one of the more than 50 higher vocational education institutions to become qualified technicians.
  • More than 1,250 federal certificates and around 100 federal diplomas in technical disciplines are obtained each year within the MEM industries.
  • Every year, over 2,650 engineers (1,800 from universities of applied sciences, 850 from federal institutes of technology) complete their studies in programmes relevant to the MEM fields.
  • Both the Swissmem Academy and the sfb educational centre train hundreds of MEM industry employees in a large number of vocational courses and seminars.


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