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From baccalaureate to industry

There are three ways in which baccalaureate holders can enter the MEM industries: by earning a VET qualification through 'way-up', by gaining work experience leading to a university of applied sciences or directly, through an extended practice-based course of study at a university of applied sciences. All of these paths lead to an exciting job in the high-tech sector.



Way-up lets graduates of a baccalaureate school gain a Federal VET Diploma by pursuing a fast-track, two-year programme. Training takes place in the host company, with parallel classroom instruction at a vocational school. Successful graduates can then enrol at a university of applied sciences to learn the art of engineering. The knowledge acquired, coupled with the practical work experience, makes way-up graduates highly sought-after on the employment market and opens the doors wide to an exciting career.


Work experience
After gaining their baccalaureate, school leavers who wish to study at a university of applied sciences but discover an interest in practical relevance can complete a one-year industrial placement that will enable them to enrol in a Bachelor course in technology, business or design without having to take an entrance exam.


Practice-integrated Bachelor programme PiBS
From 2017, various higher education institutions will be offering a practice-integrated Bachelor programme (PiBS) in the technical disciplines. PiBS is especially suitable for baccalaureate holders who would like to go straight to a university of applied sciences on leaving school. By integrating a practical component, the programme dispenses with the need for further work experience. As a rule, practical experience extends the course by one year. Students must conclude a training agreement with a company.


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