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Basic and further training

The MEM industries represent an attractive sector that offers a wide range of basic and further training options. They offer employees a number of opportunities for unique and individual careers, as well as for personal development. This versatility creates a very attractive working environment.


Highly skilled employees are a significant competitive advantage for Switzerland as a centre of industry and research. It is imperative that this edge be safeguarded and cultivated going forward. The MEM industries are already experiencing a skills shortage in key roles and at a variety of levels. One of the areas that needs to respond to this is the education system.


A successful education system, or a learning area as we know it in Switzerland, is oriented heavily towards the aptitudes and affinities of the learners and ties these together with the needs of the real world, the labour market. Switzerland’s work-oriented education system, in particular, is successfully attuned to the needs of the economy.


One special feature of the Swiss education system lies in the co-existence of vocational education and training (VET) and high quality academic education. This gives the system great permeability: It is possible to change from one track to the other at any level and obtain a qualification.


Primary school – the cornerstone for a successful society

As a major employer of school students in the nationally organized vocational training system, the MEM industries have a keen interest in a performance-oriented and harmonized elementary school system. Cantonal differences in learning content and objectives are outdated and need to be harmonized with the «Lehrplan 21» shared curriculum.

More information on elementary-level education


Basic vocational training – dual success

Around 90% of MEM industry employees have an apprenticeship diploma or a more advanced qualification based on this diploma. Basic vocational training thus forms the foundation for highly qualified specialists and, through this, for the success of the MEM industries.

More information on the dual vocational training system


From school-leaving certificate to technology expert – practical alternatives to university

With «way-up», work experience and a practice-based bachelor’s programme, school leavers have three attractive routes into the MEM industries.

More information on alternatives for savvy self-starters


Professional education and training – programmes for subject matter experts and management specialists

With federally accredited examinations and higher technical colleges, professional education and training offers an attractive extension to basic vocational training with individual careers. Graduates of this system are sought-after and proven specialists and executives in the production and development fields.
More information on technicians, master craftsmen/women, managers and specialists


Universities – education for engineers

With their academic orientation, universities train engineers and scientists for the MEM industries. In doing so, they make a vital contribution to Switzerland as a research and development hub.

More information on universities of applied sciences and federal institutes of technology


Continuing vocational education and training

With a large number of courses and seminars, MEM industry employees have access to a broad range of non-formal training opportunities. While the Swissmem Academy specializes in leadership development, the sfb educational centre offers courses in technical subjects.

More information on vocational seminars and courses


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