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Professional education and training (PET)

Vocational training at tertiary level is highly practice-relevant and geared to the needs of the labour market. It supplies the business world with highly skilled professionals and leaders of proven expertise, and it is largely they who shape it.

Federal PET examinations: in-depth specialization

Following on from basic vocational training, these qualifications allow proven specialists to focus on and deepen their knowledge in their chosen field. Preparatory courses generally last for three semesters and lead to a Federal PET Diploma. The professional organization for the relevant sector is responsible for organising and holding the examinations.

Advanced Federal PET examinations: the path to professional expertise

Advanced Federal PET examinations frequently build on an existing PET qualification. They confirm the professional experience and expertise of the holders and qualify them for positions of leadership. Basic vocational training followed by several years' relevant work experience is generally required for admission to the examination, which leads to an Advanced Federal PET Diploma.

PET colleges: for ambitious all-rounders

The PET colleges offer a broad spectrum of technical education courses, which teach students the skills required to assume professional and management responsibilities in their field. They take a generalist approach and are aimed at individuals who have successfully completed a Federal VET Diploma. They lead to a federally recognized diploma with the suffix 'HF'. Students can further enhance their professional development by attending a postgraduate or Advanced Studies course.


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