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The tertiary education system consists of universities and universities of applied sciences. In contrast to PET institutions, the universities focus on academic learning and research. Qualifications are available at two levels: basic courses lead to a Bachelor degree, which can subsequently be followed by a Master. The universities offer a wide range of continuing education courses at various levels, leading to a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS), a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) or a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) respectively.


Universities of applied sciences

Universities of applied sciences offer job-related courses in the engineering disciplines. These are both academic and based in practice, thus playing a major role in the training of future engineers. A Bachelor degree guarantees employability. A Federal Vocational Baccalaureate is required for enrolment.


Universities/Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH)

The universities are devoted to basic research and their teaching is therefore built on theoretical foundations. The Master programme is generally a good route to employability. A Baccalaureate is required for admission.


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