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Economic Policy


Swissmem supports the independence of the Swiss National Bank, its flexible monetary policy and the euro exchange rate floor. Open commodities markets are needed to safeguard a secure supply of raw materials for companies. Swissmem advocates an export-capable Swiss defence industry.

  • Swissmem supports the SNB’s flexible monetary policy with its primary objective of price stability and secondary goal of economic growth.
  • The SNB must remain entirely independent. This is the only way to uphold its ability to pursue an autonomous monetary and exchange rate policy in the service of the national economy as a whole.
  • Swissmem unreservedly supports the establishment of the euro exchange rate floor, which has provided certainty in planning for companies in the MEM industries.
  • The federal government should participate in combatting distortions of trade and competition on commodities markets through the WTO, bilateral free-trade agreements or in coordination with the EU.
  • In this context, the search for substitutes for critical high-tech raw materials should take place in a close partnership between industry and research institutions.
  • Swissmem calls for Switzerland to maintain its defence technology base. This will require an export-capable Swiss defence industry.
  • Export controls are essential. They must be transparent, simple and internationally coordinated. We refuse to be at a disadvantage vis-à-vis our competitors abroad and oppose the creation of any additional grounds for prohibiting goods exports based on internal domestic considerations.



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Head of Economic Policy

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