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Swiss expertise in innovation, quality and efficiency form a strong foundation for future-proof cleantech solutions. Growing global markets offer the Swiss export industry attractive new market opportunities. Switzerland can do more to build an international reputation as a cleantech export nation.


The Swiss MEM industry developed cleantech solutions long before this buzzword became fashionable. Swiss MEM companies have outstanding skills in specialist areas such as environmental technology, power generation, and energy and resource efficiency. However, in many foreign markets Switzerland has only recently become known as a high-tech nation.


Swissmem helped set up the Cleantech Switzerland export platform, of which it is a founding member. The platform helps Swiss companies enter target markets abroad. Removing trade barriers is of central importance to international market access. The fast-growing emerging countries are among the most important growth markets for cleantech solutions. Free trade agreements are crucial for unimpeded access to these markets.


Dr. Christine Roth

Manager Environmental Policy


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Dr. Sonja Studer

Manager Energy Policy


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