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Energy and environment

Swissmem supports responsible and efficient use of resources. However, the transition to a sustainable economy should take place in accordance with the principles of a market economy and should not restrict entrepreneurial freedom.

  • Swissmem regards security of supply, competitive electricity prices and low-CO2 energy production as the key components of energy policy.
  • The restructuring of the Swiss energy system must not impair the international competitiveness of the country’s industry.
  • Swissmem is committed to improving energy efficiency at all levels of value creation by applying cost-effective measures.
  • Industry is capable of further reducing CO2 emissions. This must be done by applying cost-effective measures. State-mandated measures that are not economically sound are the wrong approach. Moreover, the need to reduce CO2 must not impair companies’ growth.
  • A global solution is needed to the issue of climate protection. Achieving an international agreement that is binding on the leading CO2 producers is imperative. Acting alone on climate policy is inefficient and places a burden on competitiveness.
  • Restrictions in the use of hazardous materials in processes and products must be harmonized with the EU in order to prevent technical barriers to trade.


Dr. Sonja Studer

Manager Energy Policy


Telephone +41 44 384 48 66

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Dr. Christine Roth

Manager Environmental Policy


Telephone +41 44 384 48 07

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