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Labour market and social policy

A flexible labour market is one of the Swiss economy’s key assets and must be preserved. The labour market framework within which exporting industry operates must not be allowed to deteriorate.

Labour market policy

A flexible labour market is one of the Swiss economy’s key assets. It must be defended for the future and must not be constrained by new regulations. Free movement of persons, and with it the continuation of the Bilateral Agreements I, are also key features of the environment within which the MEM industries operate.

Social policy

The social insurance safety net that exists in Switzerland offers protection against financial loss due to risks such as death, disability, old age, accident, sickness and unemployment. The bulk of social insurance benefits is financed by withholding a percentage of wages. The social welfare system has expanded in recent decades, leading to an increase in labour costs and deficits in the social insurance system.

Social partnership

Companies in the MEM industries and their workforces essentially agree that the provisions of the current collective labour agreement are sound and up-to-date. The absolute obligation to keep the peace, and with it the assurance that work processes will not be disrupted by confrontational measures, remains a key advantage in comparison with foreign production locations. It can be a key factor in companies’ investment decisions.

The current collective employment agreement for the MEM-Industry applies until 30 June 2023. Detailed information on the social partnership system and collective labour agreement can be found on www.sozialpartner.ch.


The Working Group for Training Employee Representatives in the MEM Industries (AAA) is a joint association for training employee representatives. See aaa.swissmem.ch for more information.


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Collective Employment Agreement

Supplementary Agreement to the Collective Employment Agreement 2018