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Labour market and social policy

The labour market framework within which exporting industry operates must not be allowed to deteriorate. Any expansion of social insurance benefits must therefore remain entirely cost-neutral.

  • Swissmem opposes constraining the flexible labour market by implementing statutory minimum wages, expanding protection against dismissal or creating a statutory mandate for redundancy schemes. Inflexible sector solutions are harming industry, as are new government regulations and limitations.
  • To counter the shortage of skilled workers, businesses must be able to recruit qualified specialists from around the world with a minimum of administrative overhead.
  • Swissmem supports the continued free movement of persons and with it the continuation of the Bilateral Agreements I. Abuses must be systematically combatted using a restrained approach. When necessary, however, it must also be possible to recruit specialists from third-party countries.
  • In-house solutions have proven to be effective. They should be encouraged and given greater precedence over rules set by statute or in collective labour agreements. The creeping juridification of work must be halted.
  • Swissmem advocates consolidation of the various forms of social insurance. This must be accomplished without increasing employers’ contributions. Any expansion of benefits must be structured in a cost-neutral way.
  • Swissmem supports the cost-neutral implementation of a flexible retirement system. The retirement age of women and men should be equalized as part of the 12th AHV review, and a broad discussion should be launched on further raising the retirement age.


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