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Umfrage zum Stand der Umsetzung Industrie 4.0 (2018)

Swissmem - Positionspapier: Digitalisierung der Schweizer Industrie


Industrial production is changing profoundly with the use of information and communication technologies. What is happening here is a transformation which, over and above the implementation of digital technologies, is challenging corporate culture and changing the world of work. Swiss industry is well placed to successfully exploit the potential offered by Industry 4.0.

Unlike in earlier technology-driven upheavals, digitalization is a combination of different methods and technologies. The commercial potential arises from the networking of people, products, machines, systems and companies. Solutions can arise within different business areas or at the interfaces between customers, suppliers or partners.

Acting individually

It makes sense for companies to develop their own understanding of Industry 4.0, one which will be a good fit for them and their market environment. Companies can use initial applications to build up experience and knowledge and then map out an overall digital strategy on this basis. One key prerequisite for successful implementation of Industry 4.0 is streamlined processes.

Challenging how we think

As Industry 4.0 is triggering a fundamental transformation, tried and tested organizational structures need to be challenged and areas of responsibility redefined. Managerial functions are changing and it is vitally important that employees are prepared for and involved in changes. Speed and agility, along with a culture of pragmatic trial and error and learning, are becoming key success factors for businesses.

Security as a key challenge

With the growing dependence on IT and telecommunications networks, providing comprehensive protection for highly networked system structures and for data and information exchange is becoming a key task.

Two-thirds of the responding companies stated that Industry 4.0 is part of their corporate strategy.

We asked

Where do the MEM industries stand in terms of implementing Industry 4.0?
We conducted this survey for the second time in 2018.
Key outcomes:

  • Customer benefit is a focal point
  • Industry 4.0 is part of corporate strategy
  • Industry 4.0 is increasing investment needs
  • SMEs are catching up
  • Human resources remain a challenge

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