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18.11.14 MEM industries: sideways movement expected

The pronounced growth momentum that continued to drive the business performance of the Swiss mechanical and electrical engineering indus-tries (MEM industries) at the beginning of 2014 gave way to stagnation in the third quarter...Read more

20.08.14 MEM industries aim to leverage Switzerland's skilled labour potential

The working population is growing older and the birth rate falling. These trends, together with the introduction of quotas for foreign workers, threaten to seriously exacerbate the current shortage of skilled labour within the...Read more

20.08.14 MEM industries: Growth momentum slows

The Swiss mechanical and electrical engineering industries (MEM industries) recorded a satisfactory business performance overall in the first half of 2014. Sales rose by 4.4% in the first six months of the year and new orders...Read more

25.02.14 MEM industries: on course for recovery, but with rocks ahead

Swissmem is pleased with the growth of business in Switzerland's mechanical and electrical engineering industries (MEM industries). Orders (+2.3%), sales (+2.8%) and exports (+1.2%) all grew last year. The companies are...Read more


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