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Specialists in French-speaking Switzerland

Swissmem supports its member companies in French-speaking Switzerland with qualified specialists in the areas of employment law, innovation, training and personal development.
Furthermore, the Zurich office provides information and advice in Switzerland’s main three national languages.



Do you have a question concerning employment law?

Foto Béatrice Martin-Flatin

Béatrice Martin-Flatin provides information and advice to companies concerning employment law, the Collective Employment Agreement (MEM CEA) and the HR Code of Conduct. She provides intensive support for cases under her supervision. With her experience and customer focus, she quickly and pragmatically addresses each company’s requirements. Fascinated by the industry, Béatrice Martin-Flatin also provides legal training and organizes activities to promote the role of women. 


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Brauchen Sie Unterstützung bei der Definition eines Innovationsprojekts?

Foto Philippe NaschAs an innovation consultant, Philippe Nasch assists companies in formulating their technological innovation projects. In particular, he provides support in defining technical, financial and legal requirements. Philippe Nasch has ten years of experience in the area of academic research and over 15 years in R&D at industrial production facilities.


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Sie engagieren sich in der Berufsbildung?

Foto Olivier HabeggerOlivier Habegger is responsible for the French-speaking unit at Swissmem Vocational Training. He provides information and support to companies, training centres and vocational colleges in their vocational training projects and keeps them updated on current training materials. He also represents the interests of French-speaking Switzerland in various vocational training projects. 

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Setzen Sie auf zeitgemässe Führungskompetenzen?

Foto Philippe VaucherFor more than 20 years, Philippe Vaucher has headed the Swissmem Academy’s French-speaking affiliate in Prilly. An ETH engineering graduate, he has a wide network of contacts in the field of education and is involved in various regional and national committees and associations.


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Philippe Cordonier

Manager Suisse romande


Telephone +41 21 613 35 85

Mobile +41 79 644 46 77

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