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Head of Unit
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Creative solutions for the logistics sector

In order to increase supply readiness and lower costs, optimized logistics concepts and innovative solutions for in-house transportation and storage tasks are a must. In this regard, the key characteristics of the companies in the Handling and Storage Equipment specialist group are specialization, flexibility and system thinking.

In view of the small domestic market and high import pressure in the case of standard components, the companies operating in the Swiss handling and storage equipment sector focus on system solutions and customized products.

The Handling and Storage Equipment specialist group is dedicated to providing creative, ground-breaking solutions for the logistics sector. It cultivates and promotes the sector’s image. Moreover, it supports future-oriented training for sector employees.

Our services

  • Regular sharing of information and experiences and cultivation of contacts among member companies
  • Organizing industry events on new technologies, trends and innovations,
  • Fostering synergies between theory and practice through close collaboration with universities of applied sciences and technical institutes.
  • Organizing company visits to experience cutting-edge technologies and applications in use.

The benefits to you

  • Opportunities to share experiences with experts from other companies on trends, innovations and challenges and, in doing so, to gain insights for your own work.
  • Finding counterparts to help tackle new challenges.
  • Up-to-date, industry-specific information.
  • Access to the specialist group’s close-knit network.
  • Finding partners for joint ventures with the potential to lead to joint projects or innovative products and services.

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Daniel Burch
Head of Unit
+41 44 384 48 24 +41 44 384 48 24 d.burch@swissmem.ch
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