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Head of Unit
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Machinery for printed materials, from pre-press to packaging

Switzerland’s manufacturers of printing machinery supply their products to over 100 countries. They are also present in all key markets, either with their own premises or through agencies or service organizations.

The Printing Machinery industry sector is a member of the European Committee of Printing and Paper Converting Machinery Manufacturers, EUMAPRINT, and international federation Global Print.

Our services

  • Regular sharing of information and experiences and cultivation of contacts among member companies
  • Information on technological developments across the whole of the value chain
  • Organizing visits to industry-relevant companies
  • Continuous expansion of the network
  • National and international representation of interests of printing machinery manufacturers

The benefits to you

  • Opportunities to share experiences with experts from other companies on trends, innovations and challenges and, in doing so, to gain insights for your own work.
  • Industry-specific information, statistics and forecasts (hpo Consulting).
  • Greater visibility through contacts and marketing activities within the network.
  • Access to international networking through umbrella organization Global Print and the associated events.

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Printing Machinery

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Raoul Keller
Head of Unit
+41 44 384 48 14 +41 44 384 48 14 r.keller@swissmem.ch
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