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Education Manager
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Training content tailored to individual companies

For the best possible educational outcomes

Businesses often have highly specific requirements for the training and development of their teams and employees. That’s why all of the Swissmem Academy's training content and programmes can also be offered in a form tailored to the needs of individual companies. This approach creates the greatest possible leverage for sustainable success in this area – and all at competitive prices.

The foundation of our work is a systemic basic approach paired with an educational concept which, on the one hand, prioritizes the needs of the participants, sharpens their know-how and is practice-oriented.

On the other hand, we focus on content which will support corporate strategies and on the usefulness of the training measures, and on strengthening (internal) cooperation through exchanges between colleagues and peer-to-peer coaching.

If desired, we can carry out an analysis of the current situation using an objective analytical tool either before, during or after the training, based on which we can provide not only a target/actual comparison, but also a discussion of, and thus support for, development focus areas for individual participants, entire teams or the organization as a whole.

Our services

  • Creating a shared leadership philosophy across the whole management team
  • Introducing new management tools and organizational forms
  • Implementing changes sustainably and effectively
  • Cementing bonds within teams and across entire divisions
  • Almost all programmes available in a choice of either German, French, Italian or English

The benefits to you

  • Development measures which are both highly practice-oriented and geared to the realities of your business
  • A programme tailored to your needs in terms of focus areas, content and procedures, providing in-depth technical expertise and of a duration which fits in with your business parameters
  • Scope to structure dates and times flexibly in line with your needs
  • Absolute discretion, ensuring that company-specific know-how stays in-house
  • External subject specialists and coaches with in-depth industry knowledge selected specifically to augment your in-house perspectives
  • Save money by minimizing individual bookings, travel time and absences
  • Exploit synergies created by enhanced working relationships and collective skills development within your team

Interested? Get in touch with us.

Daniel Schweizer
Education Manager
+41 52 260 54 41 +41 52 260 54 41 d.schweizer@swissmem-academy.ch
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Last update: 31.08.2019