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Career and development opportunities

As an expert organization, Swissmem attaches great importance to keeping employee know-how current at all times. Wherever possible, management positions are filled by up-and-coming in-house staff.

By assuming responsibility for content, taking on lead functions in projects and deputizing for others, our employees pursue ongoing, on-the-job personal development. Moreover, Swissmem supports employees with external training courses. The association also has its own management school, the Swissmem Academy. Employees can attend seminars at the Academy at any time.

Wherever possible, Swissmem fills management positions with up-and-coming in-house staff. For this purpose, it has a “succession management” framework for identifying and developing in-house managers of the future. As an SME, however, Swissmem has only limited career options. On the other hand, thanks to their expertise Swissmem employees have very good job market prospects.

Last update: 19.07.2019