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Energy and the environment

Swissmem can advise on you on matters to do with energy and the environment, and provides members with information on industrial environmental protection and current topics of special interest.

At your service

  • We advise our members on topics relating to energy and the environment, such as: legislation on chemicals, REACH, RoHS, waste, legal compliance, environmental and energy management, energy efficiency, climate protection, electricity supplies.
  • Swissmem coordinates the SF6 solution for the MEM industry, which ensures safe handling of the greenhouse gas SF6 and the minimization of SF6 emissions.
  • We send you infomailings to keep you up to date with REACH and energy efficiency issues.
  • Members participate in discussion groups to report on their experiences with implementing REACH in their companies.
  • The latest news on environmental and energy policy is regularly published in the Swissmem newsletter.
  • With the support of EnergieSchweiz, Swissmem offers a series of planning guides on the topic of "energy-efficient production machinery" to help companies implement energy efficiency programmes:

  • In conjunction with the Business Energy Agency (EnAW), we advise and assist our members with energy efficiency and climate protection measures.
  • We work with the Cleantech Switzerland export platform to help our clients enter foreign markets for cleantech solutions.
  • Each year, Swissmem collects and publishes the energy and CO2 statistics of the MEM industry.
  • Swissmem nurtures contacts in national and international networks such as the Swissmem Environment & Energy Committee, the European umbrella organization Orgalime and various European industry associations.
  • Swissmem is a founding member of the Business Energy Agency (EnAW) and the Cleantech Switzerland export platform, and participates in a number of working groups, committees and advisory boards.


Dr. Christine Roth

Manager Environmental Policy


Telephone +41 44 384 48 07

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Dr. Sonja Studer

Manager Energy Policy


Telephone +41 44 384 48 66

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