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Joint ventures with other companies or research partners increase the chances of innovation projects being successful. Swissmem thus provides innovation consultants for both German- and French-speaking Switzerland who actively facilitate networking. 

At your service

  • We provide goal-driven support to help you define your innovation projects and work with you to clarify the possibilities for knowledge and technology transfer.
  • We evaluate possible approaches for your innovation projects, help you optimize your in-house innovation processes and put you in touch with suitable research partners.
  • We open up financing opportunities for project partners via external promotion agencies.
  • We represent your interests and support your project all the way from funding application to completion.
  • We act as a «dissemination partner», circulating publicly accessible results within the Swissmem network.

You benefit from our years of industrial management experience, our sound knowledge of the industry, and our excellent networks with businesses and research organizations.


Anton Demarmels

Innovation Consultant


Telephone +41 44 384 48 36

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Philippe Nasch

Innovation Consultant for French-speaking part of Switzerland


Telephone +41 21 693 35 91
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