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Education and training

Promoting the dual system in professional training is a priority for Swissmem. Highly qualified individuals are crucial to the future of Switzerland as a location for industry. Switzerland has a globally unique model for success in professional training which is designed for the needs of the economy and which introduces apprentices to the world of work early on. Swissmem is committed to maintaining and developing industrial occupations, a commitment which is enjoying a great deal of acceptance both in the business world and in political circles. This is also reflected in the fact that Swissmem is frequently visited by foreign delegations.

At your service

  • In the Swissmem Vocational Training business area, we offer modern training concepts and a range of over 1,800 options for professional training. Swissmem members can benefit from price reductions of 15-40%.
  • We provide information on choosing a career and support the recruitment of apprentices via promotional measures.
  • Swissmem Vocational Training offers member companies advice on setting up and developing operational vocational training.
  • Companies’ vocational training specialists can learn more about new developments in apprenticeships at events and training sessions.
  • Swissmem organizes the staging of and participation in the Swiss and international Skills Championships.
  • Every year, 1,500 managers and trainers use the courses and seminars offered by the Swissmem Executive Training School. Swissmem members receive a 25-30% discount on course fees.
  • The Swissmem Executive Training School offers company-specific seminars and courses which are held on site at members’ facilities.
  • Together with its social partners, Swissmem supports the sfb, the Swiss Training Centre for Technology and Management. A wide range of higher education and postgraduate courses is available.
  • To represent the industries’ interests, Swissmem manages the committees for Vocational Training and the Executive Training School and is represented in important federal committees and umbrella organizations.


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