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Funding of SMEs

jessica rabbit porn game AM-Tec Kredit AG (AM-Tec) provides growth, innovation and follow-on financing for industrial SMEs. AM-Tec is managed by aventic partners, a team with many years' expertise in industry which carefully examines all funding applications.  

Swissmem entered into a strategic partnership with AM-Tec Kredit AG in 2014. AM-Tec provides capital for get link growth, innovation and follow-on financing. It particularly focuses on the mechanical engineering, facility engineering, toolmaking and fixture construction sectors, as well as electronics, precision technology and instrumentation and control engineering.


AM-Tec invests primarily in established SMEs with a business volume of 2-40 million Swiss francs and a future-oriented business model. As this implies, it does not fund start-ups. The financial commitment is tailored according to the company's needs and comprises equity capital-related loans or equity capital (usually minority holdings).


As a rule, the funding is provided follow in addition to conventional bank financing. The funding amount per company is in the source link single-digit million range, and should usually be repaid after four to seven years.


AM-Tec is managed by aventic partners, a dedicated team with many years' expertise in industry, which also supports the SMEs. If you require any further information from Swissmem, please contact Dr. Jean-Philippe Kohl, Head of Economic Policy, +41 (0)44 384 48 15, j.kohlanti spam bot@swissmemanti spam