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For Swissmem member companies, innovations in products and processes are an important factor in remaining competitive. Swissmem is committed to a research, development and innovation (R, D&I) environment which supports our members. Owing to technology’s increasing dynamism and complexity, SMEs in particular are facing big challenges. We are keeping in close contact with the Federal Institute of Technology institutions (ETH, EPFL, PSI, Empa) and universities to further develop the relationship between research and industry. Member companies are kept informed about interesting activities and developments, cooperation opportunities are highlighted and contacts set up. In addition, Swissmem is helping to increase efficiency in the R&D sectors of member companies with courses.

At your service

  • We help member companies to evaluate and define R&D projects.
  • For R&D projects, Swissmem can put you into contact with suitable partners from research institutions and industry.
  • Many funding opportunities are available in Switzerland and in Europe which support joint projects with research institutions. We can provide advice on this offering.
  • Swissmem offers its members advice on drawing up contracts for R&D projects (nondisclosure agreements, intellectual property).
  • We maintain contact with technology and innovation networks in Switzerland to help us keep member companies informed of their ports of call for specific questions.
  • We hold seminars and workshops about current technology topics and offer R&D project management courses which aim to shape operational R&D in a target-focused and effective way.
  • As a member, you will receive information about cooperation opportunities in research and development projects.
  • In the research committee we define the Research, Technology and Innovation policy in the interests of the industry and implement the objectives formulated within it.
  • Swissmem represents the interests of its member firms effectively in various bodies in Switzerland and abroad.


Robert Rudolph

Head of Training and Innovation


Telephone +41 44 384 48 44

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