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Swissmem supported “Team Tech Industry” for the 2023 federal elections

The Swiss technology industry employs 330,000 people and trains 20,000 apprentices. It develops innovative solutions for the challenges of our time. As one of the main export sectors, it makes a major contribution to Switzerland’s prosperity. In order to strengthen the voice of the technology industry – mechanical and electrical engineering and related technology sectors – in Bern, Swissmem launched “Team Tech Industry” prior to the federal elections on 22 October 2023.

No support for second round of voting for Council of States

Following the election Sunday on 22 October 2023, Swissmem thanked all the candidates in Team Tech Industry on LinkedIn for their commitment to our business location and congratulated those who were elected. Support was also expressed for two candidates in a comment on LinkedIn for the second round of voting for a seat on the Council of States on 19 November 2023. This voting recommendation was expressed incorrectly due to an internal error. Swissmem apologises for this error.

Swissmem’s campaign was aimed at the elections on 22 October 2023. No support was planned for the subsequent individual election campaigns for the Council of States, and none was provided. It is also important to note that, owing to the criterium of working in a company in the industry or a related organization, there were candidates who could not be included in Team Tech Industry for formal reasons from the outset.

Team Tech Industry comprised 37 candidates from the Swiss People's Party (SVP), FDP (Liberal Democratic Party), The Centre and GLP. Two criteria applied to membership: The candidates had to support the content of the 10 principles of Swissmem and had to have worked in a company in the tech industry or a related organization.

Swissmem supported Team Tech Industry with mailings to its member companies, activities on social media and in traditional media as well as advertising on social media. Support for the business location bore fruit: around half of the members of Team Tech Industry were elected. You can find additional information about Team Tech Industry in the media release and brochure.

Das Team Tech-Industrie - für eine starke Stimme der Industrie in Bundesbern, für Innovation, Wohlstand und Arbeitsplätze!
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Noé Blancpain
Head of Communications and Public Affairs
+41 44 384 48 65 +41 44 384 48 65 n.blancpain@swissmem.ch

Last update: 14.11.2023