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EMO 2019



TitleEMO 2019 - Hanover
DateSeptember 16-21, 2019

EMO is the leading international trade fair for the machine tool industry. It presents an unequalled scope of products and services throughout all production areas, evolving from nucleus machine tool, to precision tools, to linking devices and industrial electronics. Exhibitors at EMO Hannover come from all over the world. They put their efficiency and innovative power to the test for the best qualified specialists. The internationality among visitors is unparalleled. Decision-makers in production technology use EMO Hannover to make up their mind for their next investment.


General conditions and the application forms can be applied directly from the official website.

Please note that there is an 
early bird rate on offer until October 15th, 2018 therefore please send in your application form by then to benefit from the discount.


Swissmem will operate an information booth.



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