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Specialist groups

Swissmem manages 27 specialist groups that deal with sector-specific groups of themes not covered by the general association. The members of the specialist groups profit from the mutual exchange of experience and from synergies arising in areas such as export support, promotion, in technology and standardization or statistics in this way. 

  • Members receive detailed sector figures, statistics and market information for internal benchmarking and profit from a Europe-wide network for company meetings and simple, informal contacts. 
  • We offer a platform of mutual problems related to the market and products to the different groups in the sector; the leading brains and companies of the industrial branch are united, from questions concerning export and marketing to production.  
  • We take part in trade fairs, organize customer symposiums, publish commercial and technical articles and sector catalogues. 
  • The possibility of participating in made-to-measure seminars on current themes is offered to members of the individual sub-sectors.
  • Swissmem represents group interests in national and international specialist committees.
Adrian Vogel, Secretary General, Swissmem

Adrian Vogel


Head of Industry Sectors


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