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Terms of use

By accessing and using the Swissmem website, the user agrees to be bound by the terms of use and disclaimer set out below.

Users who do not accept these terms of use will not be permitted to access this website.

Information published on the website

Swissmem makes every effort to guarantee that the information on this website is accurate and up to date. However, Swissmem expressly reserves the right to alter, delete or temporarily not publish some or all of the content on this website at any time and without prior notice.


Swissmem accepts no liability for information on this website which is inaccurate, incomplete or no longer current. Swissmem does not guarantee that the website will function flawlessly and assumes no liability for any errors that may occur. The website is for information purposes only and no guarantee shall be made that the information is correct, accurate, up-to-date, reliable or complete. In particular, no contents of this website shall constitute binding legal advice.

Swissmem accepts no liability for material or non-material losses resulting from access to this website, its contents or other linked websites and their contents, the use or non-use of the information published, or the use of incorrect and incomplete information.

We ask users to be aware that data transmission over the internet is never guaranteed to be completely secure and error-free. The information published on the Swissmem website may therefore be subject to malfunctions and interruptions, as well as to instances of misuse with respect to security and confidentiality. Swissmem therefore accepts no liability for losses resulting from misuse of the connection or technical faults. 

Data protection

Swissmem attaches particular importance to protecting users’ privacy. Please refer to our privacy statement for more details. Particular attention is given to the following aspects in this regard:

References and links

References and links to third-party websites do not fall within Swissmem’s area of responsibility. Users accessing and using such websites do so at their own risk. It is explicitly stated that Swissmem has no influence whatsoever on the design, contents and offerings of linked sites. Responsibility for all information and services on linked websites rests exclusively and entirely with the relevant third-party provider.

Swissmem accepts no responsibility for such websites.

Swissmem on social media

Social media have become a virtually indispensable part of our everyday life. They are steadily gaining in importance. In many thematic areas, social media are part and parcel of Swissmem's communications work. Swissmem therefore welcomes the use and deployment of social media.

Swissmem expects users to:

  • keep comments respectful, open and courteous;
  • show tolerance for different views;
  • make constructive and stimulating contributions.

Swissmem will not tolerate any texts, images, videos or actions which

  • are offensive, obscene, pornographic, threatening, inciting to violence, discriminatory, racist, abusive, disparaging to third parties, misleading or illegal;
  • violate the rights of third parties (including copyrights and personal rights);
  • contain direct or indirect advertising for third-party products;
  • imply unverifiable insinuations and (personal) suspicions.

Social media are not a legal vacuum. Please therefore bear in mind that use of social media is always associated with legal requirements such as data protection law, copyright law, personal rights, competition law, trademark law, etc.

You should not disseminate any photos or videos created by others without obtaining their consent or providing a clear indication of copyrights (source citation). Do not copy posts made by others and pass yourself off as the author. Rather, make sure that the original author is mentioned.

Swissmem reserves the right to delete content which violates these rules and to ban repeat offenders.


The information contained on the Swissmem website is made available to the public. Downloading or copying content, images, photos or other files does not constitute the transfer of any rights whatsoever in respect of such content.

The copyrights and all other rights to content, images, photos or other files on this website are the exclusive property of Swissmem or the specifically named rights owners. Written permission must be obtained in advance from the copyright holder before any material is reproduced.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The courts at the registered office of Swissmem in Zurich have sole jurisdiction over any disputes arising between you as visitor to and user of the website and Swissmem in connection with the operation or use of this website. Swiss law only shall apply.

Last update: 19.07.2019