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Cost and conditions

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The membership of Swissmem is open to companies that

  • Have their headquarters in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein  
  • Are active in engineering or plant or vehicle construction, in the electric or electronic industry, in medical technology, in metal and synthetics processing and in associated sectors, excluding software development in all sectors  

The employeer's association of the Swiss engineering industry (ASM) is the moving force of the overall employment agreement. Members of Swissmem can be connected to the overall employment agreement by means of an additional membership of the ASM.    
Membership of Swissmem costs 1.2‰ of the AHV wage total of the preceding year plus a basic contribution of CHF 500.00. The additional membership of ASM is free of charge
Swissmem has a cost-effective AHV buffer fund; ASM has a strike co-operative insurance association for its members, apart from this.


Not all of our documents have been translated into English. Please use the German or French version of our by-laws.

Statutes ASM(2 MB, pdf)
As at 2023
Statutes Swissmem(2 MB, pdf)
As at 2023
Statutes strike insurance cooperative(2 MB, pdf)
Strike insurance cooperative of the machine industry (in German and French) As at 2023

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+41 44 384 42 11 +41 44 384 42 11 n.naepflin@swissmem.ch
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