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Policies dictate framework conditions

Swissmem gives the tech industries a strong voice in the political arena and, wherever relevant, brings companies’ interests into the political process. The association systematically monitors industry-related legislative developments.

Many companies in the Swiss tech industries are among the worldwide leaders in their markets. A crucial factor in this success is a favourable economic policy environment in Switzerland. Swissmem campaigns to bring this about.

At the heart of Swissmem’s political work is draft legislation in the areas of labour market, foreign trade, social security, energy and environmental policy. As part of this work, Swissmem participates in consultation processes, monitors the entire parliamentary process, gets involved with campaigns to shape public opinion, and runs referendum campaigns.

The value of Swissmem’s political work is almost impossible to quantify in monetary terms. Nonetheless, the benefit to businesses is extremely long-lasting, as only through this commitment can entrepreneurial freedom be preserved and costly, undesirable political developments be prevented.

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Last update: 25.07.2019