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Specialist groups bring together individual sub-sectors within the MEM industries. The activities of the 27 Swissmem specialist groups are highly diverse. Their services offer an added value which goes far beyond the standard Swissmem membership.

One focus area for the specialist groups is that of sharing experiences and networking. They also collect market-relevant performance indicators and data. Another important area is that of marketing activities, e.g. within the context of joint appearances at leading international trade fairs or through publication of brochures and specialist articles. Many specialist groups are also members of European or global umbrella organizations. Last but not least, the specialist groups provide input on their needs when changes are made to curricula at vocational training and university of applied sciences level.

Each specialist group organizes itself and enjoys a great deal of autonomy within Swissmem. Their activities are primarily determined by their committees and the needs of the member companies. Swissmem provides the administrative infrastructure for the groups and takes care of the professional organization of their activities.

Our services

  • Providing a platform for sharing experiences
  • Organizing joint trade fair appearances and marketing activities (national and international)
  • Preparing discipline-specific and industry-specific information, statistics and performance indicators
  • Producing brochures and specialist articles
  • Contacts with media and public authorities
  • Administration of specialist group

The benefits to you

  • Sharing experiences with specialists from your industry on technical questions and common problems in difficult target markets
  • Appearances at leading national and international trade fairs at reasonable cost
  • Industry-specific data
  • Inspiration for new business models
  • Access to network
Swissmem represents a diverse high-tech sector offering high-performance technological solutions in all key areas of business and life.
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Precision Tools

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Pump Technology

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Welding Technology

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Textile Machinery

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Transmission and Distribution

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Environmental Technology

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Internal Combustion Engines

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Die and Mould Industry

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