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Customer benefit in the spotlight

Innovative capacity is the deciding factor in whether a business in Switzerland’s industrial hub can successfully position its goods and services in the global market both today and in the future.

As a general rule, the greatest levers for increasing innovative capacity lie in focusing on the potential benefits to customers, on cooperative ventures with suitable partners, and on the application of modern and efficient innovation methods. This often necessitates a cultural shift within the business.

Swissmem strives to help businesses maintain, strengthen and further develop their capability to innovate. It champions a sound operating framework, provides information on relevant issues, advises companies on innovation projects and networks innovation stakeholders.

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In international innovation rankings, Switzerland has been a leading light for years. However, this apparently good baseline is deceptive. When it comes to indicators reflecting the commitment of SMEs, Switzerland can only be found in the middle of the field. 

Technologies allowing a firm to maintain or achieve a top position are becoming more complex, more comprehensive and, as a result, more interdisciplinary. Consequently, it is becoming more and more challenging for companies to recognize the application potential for their own field of business. The risks and the resources needed for successful innovation activities are often more difficult to assess and frequently associated with rising costs. At the same time, however, the technological developments are opening up an enormous amount of potential and thereby securing the development and continued existence of the company.

Switzerland’s industrial companies are strong in incremental innovation. With developments in our traditional technological fields, we can increase market penetration; with the advanced maturity of the products, however, this is often only achievable at a high cost, and without a concomitant increase in added value for customers. Conversely, disruptive innovations allow for completely new products and business models and thereby development of additional markets.

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