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Qualified professionals create added value for businesses

Education is the foundation for market solutions that will be viable both at home and abroad. The abilities and commitment of employees at all levels of a business are a prerequisite for its success. Switzerland’s broad, needs-based education and training framework contributes considerably to its attractiveness as a centre of research and industry. Not only is it a key driver in the competitiveness of Switzerland’s businesses; it also opens up exciting prospects to employees and leaves a great deal of room for custom career paths.

Highly qualified employees are a material success factor for the MEM industries. Thus, employees and their knowledge and skills are at the heart of Swissmem’s commitment to education.

A successful education system, or a learning area as we know it in Switzerland, is oriented heavily towards the aptitudes and affinities of the individual and ties these together with the needs of the real world, the labour market.

One special feature of the Swiss education system lies in the co-existence of vocational education and training (VET) and high quality academic education. This gives the system great permeability: It is possible to change from one track to the other at any level and obtain a qualification.

From nurturing young talent, to basic and higher vocational training, to universities, at every level Swissmem is committed to ensuring that education is geared to the needs of the future. It is the starting point for technological, economic and social development.

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