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Information regarding our training courses

The Federal Council has decided that no more classroom training should take place until 8 June 2020. Swissmem has already been using digital learning methods for some time. So it can now benefit from this knowledge and still be able to hold most of its training courses.

As a rule, the courses run by Swissmem’s specialist areas and the Swissmem Academy will take place as planned. However, the participants will not be on site, but online. Suitable tools such as Zoom will be used.

Courses will only be postponed or cancelled in exceptional circumstances.

Course participants will be contacted individually and informed of the next steps.

This is a challenging situation for everyone involved. However, at the same time it is also an opportunity to embrace new ways of learning, try them out and develop them further. We look forward to it!

We are pleased to share the following customer feedback following the first days of online courses:

«I’m very pleased and grateful that the course wasn’t cancelled or postponed. The course was interesting and the tool worked well.»

«I don’t know that much about PCs and so on, but everything still went without a hitch.»

«We were able to work well in groups and discuss, work and reflect on things together. Any initial technical problems were quickly fixed.»

«I had serious reservations at first. But we’d broken the ice after just the first hour, and it all went well.»

This feedback comes from people participating in the courses «Vocational training specialist in companies offering training» and «Technical customer service specialist».


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Last update: 17.03.2020