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Joint ventures with other companies or research partners increase the chances of innovation projects being successful. Swissmem’s innovation consultants have a broad-based network and the necessary industry expertise to provide targeted support.

Our services

  • Identifying and concretizing innovation potential
  • Clarifying needs in terms of knowledge and technology transfer
  • Identifying R&D partners within the Swiss research scene
  • Helping to formulate project proposals for research funding

The benefits to you

  • Less pressure in day-to-day business: innovation is (vitally) important
  • Experienced and well-connected innovation consultants
  • Free innovation consultation for member companies
«Swissmem’s innovation consulting service allowed us to launch an innovation project financed by Innosuisse in a pragmatic way and to find a suitable research lab. »

Steiger Participations Sa, Vionnaz (VS)
Pierre-Yves Bovin, CEO


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Last update: 26.06.2019