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Moulds, punching and forming tools for the industry

The Die and Mould Industry sector brings together manufacturers of punching and forming tools and of moulds for the plastics industry. These companies are extremely export-focused and present in all major markets.

The Swiss companies operating in the die and mould industry are among the world’s leading manufacturers. They are distinguished by innovative solutions and the highest quality. The group’s members supply discerning customers from the medical technology, food and packaging industries as well as the automotive industry, the watch industry and a variety of other industrial sectors.

The group is a member of the European and international committee for the die and mould industry, ISTMA, and a partner to the WBA tool making academy in Aachen and to the Moulding Expo trade fair.

Our services

  • Organizing regular meetings for members to exchange experiences and conduct joint projects
  • Organizing industry-specific talks and seminars for training and development – exclusively for members
  • Organizing trade fair appearances. The group is a partner to the Moulding Expo trade fair in Stuttgart and attends leading trade fairs with Swiss pavilions.

The benefits to you

  • Access to the Industry sector’s close-knit national network.
  • Opportunities to share experiences with experts from other companies and thus gain insights for your own work.
  • Chances to expand your international network by participating in ISTMA events.
  • Access to industry-specific information, statistics and forecasts.
  • Exclusive training and development seminars
  • Opportunities to participate in international colloquia and in the “Excellence in Production” benchmark.

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Die and Mould Industry

The Die and Mould Industry Industry sector brings together manufacturers of punching and forming…

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