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Engines for machines, ships, locomotives and industrial applications

The companies in the Internal Combustion Engines Industry sector are focused on industrial applications for diesel and gas engines as well as modern drive concepts using alternative fuels.

Production operations in the power engineering sector in Switzerland include construction of internal combustion engines and turbines. In both of these areas, Swiss products are technological leaders. Fields of application for combustion engines are mobile machinery, ships and locomotives. Other applications include drives for pumps and compressors as well as for power plants.

The Industry sector is a member of the leading international association for the combustion engine industry, CIMAC. The Industry sector represents Switzerland’s interests within CIMAC and coordinates Swiss representation within CIMAC working groups.

Switzerland will be the global meeting place for the CIMAC Congress from 19-23 May 2025, organized by the Combustion Machinery Industry Sector. Experience groundbreaking discussions, the latest technologies and international networking opportunities at this important industry event.

Our services

  • Regular sharing of information and experiences and cultivation of contacts among member companies
  • Networking with nationally and internationally relevant organizations
  • Insights into and background information on other businesses
  • Links with industry-relevant universities and research and educational institutions
  • Participation in national and European research projects at the pre-competitive stage
  • Lobbying with regard to national and international framework conditions for the industry, such as the international rules on exhaust emissions.
  • Nurturing the next generation of skilled workers

The benefits to you

  • Industry-relevant information on technology development and market trends.
  • Access to industry-relevant organizations, centres of knowledge and opinion leaders at national and international level.
  • Opportunities to help shape the transformation of the combustion engine industry.
  • Option to take part in information exchanges between CIMAC members on technology and legislation and in the diverse events and trade fairs on offer.
  • A global large engine industry network at CIMAC events.

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