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Head of Unit
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Creative solutions and dialogue to strengthen the industries

This industrial sector brings together the system and solution providers in the logistical process chains from manufacturing to handling, storage and picking. Our members’ strengths include innovation and system thinking in the areas of intralogistics, packaging and conveyor technology in terms of development, planning and engineering. They are successful suppliers, outfitters, systems integrators or service providers. Our members are leaders in their fields thanks to their ability to innovate, their high quality standards and their creativity.

What do we want to achieve?

Our activities are aimed at strengthening and supporting the competitiveness of our members in the long term. We foster an exchange of information between members. We support innovative measures and advocate forward-looking basic and further training. We cultivate and promote our industry's reputation. We seek to influence relevant national and international legislation, regulations and standards.

Our services

  • Regular information sharing among member companies on current issues.
  • Providing information and contacts
  • Organizing events and company visits to get to know specific solutions, technologies and applications.
  • Fostering synergies between theory and practice through intensive exchanges with universities and universities of applied sciences
  • Maintaining and expanding the network

The benefits to you

  • Exchanges with technical experts from other companies on technological trends, innovations and challenges.
  • Insights from these exchanges to apply to your own work.
  • Information on current trends and the directions in which technologies are developing.
  • Greater familiarity with other companies in your field, exchanging experiences and supporting each other.
  • You gain access to the network and to industrial sector contacts.

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Raoul Keller
Head of Unit
+41 44 384 48 14 +41 44 384 48 14 r.keller@swissmem.ch
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Last update: 17.12.2020