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Head of Unit
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Swiss suppliers to the MEM industries

The SSMI interest group (suppliers to Switzerland’s MEM industries) is an initiative by SMEs for SMEs. It aims to join forces against the strong competitive pressure affecting the supplier industry and achieve the best possible operating conditions in Switzerland.

The SSMI interest group is home to a growing network of SMEs geared towards activities and services in the Swiss supplier industry and their decision-makers. This interest group receives and prioritizes the needs and concerns of suppliers in order to implement suitable measures.

Our services

  • Regular sharing of information and experiences, and cultivating contacts among member companies
  • Information about manufacturing innovations, general issues across the whole value chain, and economic developments
  • Representation of political interests in order to give a voice and add weight to the supplier industry

The benefits to you

  • Opportunities to share experiences with managers from other companies in the supplier industry and thus gain insights for your own work.
  • Access to the interest group’s network.
  • Establish new business relationships with suppliers for suppliers.
  • Greater visibility through contacts and marketing activities within the network.
  • Easier access to innovations and funding opportunities.

Swissmem members

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Raoul Keller
Head of Unit
+41 44 384 48 14 +41 44 384 48 14 r.keller@swissmem.ch
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