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Swissmem as an employer

Swissmem is an expert organization with highly qualified and motivated employees who have very high levels of expertise in their specialist areas. Our goal is to fill our employees with enthusiasm for our organization by providing exciting work content and to keep them with us through competitive pay packages.

Working conditions at Swissmem meet very high standards. The entire infrastructure is modern, including the IT infrastructure. The office spaces are open and flooded with natural light. But there are also options for working outside the office (working from home).

Currently Swissmem has around 100 employees, many of whom work part-time. The male/female balance is 50-50.

Our general terms of employment (working hours, holiday, etc.) are based on the MEM industry CEA. Competitive salaries, benchmark social insurance schemes with daily benefits insurance and a proprietary, financially sound pension fund complete Swissmem’s profile as an employer.

Last update: 19.07.2019