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Exports to Russia: Swissmem answers questions from member companies

Switzerland supports the sanctions against Russia. Swissmem is providing affected member companies with support and contacts to help clarify outstanding questions regarding export, travel and financial flows.

Switzerland is adopting the sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia and certain areas of Ukraine. The sanctions relating to goods exports, travel and finance are having a direct impact on Swiss companies.

Companies with orders from Russia or with branches there have many questions about how to proceed and which provisions apply in detail. Numerous details are only now being drafted by the Confederation as part of the various packages of sanctions. In addition, the applicable regulations will continue to change. The level of uncertainty among companies is therefore high.

Swissmem is supporting its members in this situation with advice and helpful contact details for federal offices. Member companies can contact Ms Doris Anthenien (d.anthenien@swissmem.ch) directly for legal enquiries and Mr Roger Sonderegger (r.sonderegger@swissmem.ch) as the country coordinator.

Swissmem will also keep member companies informed about the latest changes to legal requirements.

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Last update: 03.03.2022