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Retaining the benefits of the bilateral path

The bilateral path has proved to be a successful one for Switzerland. Our economy has grown, as has personal freedom. Swissmem is committed to keeping the country's bilateral channel open.


Switzerland’s European policy has a significant impact on the success of Swiss industry and thus on employment in the country. Major political decisions will be made in the near future.


In view of its contribution to the country’s success, Swiss industry is committed to a bilateral path with Europe. This is why we support the bilateral agreements and free movement of persons, and oppose the «self-determination» and «termination» initiatives. We want our relationship with Europe to be built on a stable foundation that is sustainable in the long term.


Swissmem is joining with industry entrepreneurs to play an active role in the upcoming referendums and in European policy issues. That’s why the association has set up the website. As well as the views of industry players, the site sets out Swissmem’s assessments of and stances on Swiss European policy, and provides a variety of information materials that you can order free of charge.



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