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Success thanks to the bilateral agreements

The bilateral agreements are of the utmost importance to the Swiss mechanical and electrical engineering industries (MEM industries). They bring huge advantages for companies in the MEM industries and have a long-lasting, positive impact on Switzerland as a location for industry, as shown by a new study by BAK Basel Economics, which was presented at this year's Swissmem Industry Day in Berne. Thanks to the bilateral agreements, Swiss industry is still able to contribute almost 20 per cent to GDP.


To support Switzerland in this bilateral approach, Swissmem launched a long-term information campaign, centred on an online platform, at the Industry Day. Under Swissmem will provide an ongoing opportunity for business people to air their views, publish success stories and generally underscore the benefits of the bilateral agreements by contributing facts and opinions. Interested companies can take part in this campaign at any time – by submitting a portrait, short interview (video/text) or statement.


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