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The Fluid Technology industry sector brings together companies operating in the Swiss hydraulic and pneumatic industry. Fluid technology is one of the industry’s key technologies. Typical tasks in this field include moving in very small spaces and horizontal or vertical shifting of heavy masses.

Fluid technology components can be integrated into complex systems and combined with microelectronics. One major area of focus today is energy efficiency.

Swiss manufacturers have an export share of 80%. Technologically, they are world leaders. Research and development efforts to meet high customer requirements and maintain this leadership position are correspondingly substantial.

Our services

  • Organizing discipline-specific events for hydraulic and pneumatic manufacturers
  • Providing information on the latest technologies and applications, plus case studies and condition monitoring
  • Supporting networking among fluid specialists
  • Regular exchanges with European umbrella organization CETOP (Comité Européen des Transmissions Oléohydraulique et Pneumatique)

The benefits to you

  • Exchanges with technical experts from other companies on technological trends, innovations and challenges in the fluid technology field.
  • Insights from these exchanges to use in your own work.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest technological trends and opportunities to influence the direction of research
  • Access to the industry sector's network
  • Exchanges with European partners and joint trade fair appearances.

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Fluid technology

The Fluid Technology specialist group brings together companies operating in the Swiss hydraulic and…

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Roger Sonderegger
Head of Unit
+41 44 384 42 37 +41 44 384 42 37 r.sonderegger@swissmem.ch
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