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Commitment to the stars of tomorrow

An interest in technology and the natural sciences is kindled at a very early age. A variety of programmes are in place to allow children and young people to discover their interests and talents. By bridging the gap to the corporate world, Swissmem highlights development opportunities and makes it easier for young people to get started on a successful professional career.

Support for STEM

Knowledge and skills in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) allow children and young people to not only explore the world, but also actively help shape it. Swissmem is therefore an active partner in the campaign for education in STEM subjects.

A variety of programmes are in place to awaken the spirit of discovery, allow for playful exploration and also realize specific projects. This also lays the foundation for the unfolding of individual talents in later working life.

Career choice

Recruiting suitable trainees is a major challenge for many training companies. Young people are much courted by various sectors and can choose between a large number of basic vocational training options and career paths. Only through a collective commitment by the industry can the prominence and image of the MEM professions be enhanced. Swissmem co-sponsors the “Faszination Technik” (fascinating technology) marketing platform, which organizes experiences at careers fairs and skills championships and generates enthusiasm for working in the MEM environment.

With the “find-your-future” careers platform, Swissmem supports the ongoing professional development of MEM industry trainees and employees and arranges for contacts with educational institutions and businesses.


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Last update: 18.07.2019