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For the export-oriented businesses of the MEM industries to be able to compete at international level, successful and ongoing innovative activity is an absolute must. Swissmem strives to help businesses maintain and strengthen their capability to innovate. It champions a sound operating framework, provides information on relevant issues, advises companies on innovation projects and networks innovation stakeholders.

KTT (knowledge and technology transfer)

Compared to other nations, Switzerland possesses outstanding research institutions. They make an essential contribution to the innovative capacity of Swiss industry. Knowledge and technology transfer is what brings the benefits of research findings to life in products and processes at a corporate level. Swissmem works actively to ensure that the potential embodied in knowledge and technology transfer is utilized throughout the MEM industries.

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Innovation consulting

If companies are planning specific innovation projects, Swissmem can offer its members free support from an innovation consultant. The focus here is on setting innovation projects off on the right track. The consultants can provide information on possible funding tools and investigate potential project partners at research institutions or other companies.

Operating framework

Corporate innovation can be boosted by a sound operating framework. One basic prerequisite for innovative strength and capability is highly educated employees on all rungs of the qualification ladder. SMEs, especially, are not usually able to maintain an in-house development department. They therefore depend on having dedicated and creative employees. Swissmem is committed to the continuous improvement of education at all levels. The excellence of Swiss research can only be maintained if universities are able to expand their international networks and gain sufficient funding in a manner that is as competitive as possible. Funding tools must evolve in line with needs and have commensurate resource input. And, ultimately, companies must be able to invest enough money in innovation. This is where additional tax breaks for R&D investments can help.

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Financing for SMEs

Swissmem has well-established contacts with banks.

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Swissmem’s innovation consultants help companies with innovation projects.

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Staff and organizational development

Staff and organizational development are closely linked topics. That’s why we take a holistic…

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