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Staff development – an investment in the future

Staff and organizational development are closely linked topics. That’s why we take a holistic approach to our concepts and solutions in this area. This gives you a more effective pay-off on your investment in training, with greater participant satisfaction.

The training managers at the Swissmem Academy will be happy to advise you.

Our services

  • Personalized concepts for managers, technical experts and teams
  • Broad range of topic areas with great technical detail in the various domains
  • Practical methodology and teaching

The benefits to you

  • Ensuring the productivity and future viability of your business with a focus on your people
  • High industry relevance
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness due to a consistent blended learning approach

Our services in this area

Improving efficiency with lean processes

Swissmem equips companies with methods and tools for implementing their own lean management…

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Courses and training events

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Salary comparison

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Training programmes

Training today for success tomorrow. Find out more about our training programmes.

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Representation of interests

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Experience-sharing groups – exchanges of expertise with peers

Swissmem runs experience-sharing groups in the fields of labour law, communication and the EU…

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find-your-future.ch: the careers platform for the MEM industries

Find suitable training courses and vacancies within the industry.

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Skilled labour toolbox

Support for your HR strategies

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Vocational training

Swissmem’s vocational training school is the centre of excellence for basic vocational training in…

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Legal services for SMEs

Swissmem offers companies a competent and practice-oriented legal advice service.

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Financing for SMEs

Swissmem has well-established contacts with banks.

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Industry statistics

Swissmem collects and regularly publishes industry key figures.

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Swissmem’s innovation consultants help companies with innovation projects.

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Staff and organizational development

Staff and organizational development are closely linked topics. That’s why we take a holistic…

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Roland Stäheli
Head of Swissmem Academy
+41 52 260 54 40 +41 52 260 54 40 r.staeheli@swissmem-academy.ch
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Last update: 26.06.2019