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In 2011, the "Aviation" and "Security and Defence Technology" divisions merged to form the "SWISS ASD" (Aeronautics, Security and Defence) division of Swissmem. This merger is the logical consequence of the networking that takes place between both sectors in practice: internationally operating aviation, security and defence companies manufacture both civilian and military products. Very often development work on new or existing civilian and military products takes place in parallel, using the same or related technologies. It is only possible to distinguish clearly between the civilian and military application at the end-product stage.


The companies with core competencies in aviation are partners to airframe manufacturers and aero engine specialists, and produce equipment and special components for the aircraft industry. They have highly specialized knowledge and are certified to the relevant standards. The companies with core competencies in security and defence include prime contractors that build complete weapon systems, as well as high-tech equipment, assembly and component manufacturers. The main products are security systems and equipment, weapon systems, armoured vehicles, telecommunication and command systems, simulators, encryption systems, optronic equipment and instruments, radar installations and IT security systems.


The SWISS ASD division is a member of the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe ASD. It has also set up the EN-9100-based Swiss Aerospace Sector Certfiication Scheme. The SWISS ASD division represents the interests of aircraft suppliers and the security and defence industry in Aerosuisse.



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