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Our specialists offer professional specialist and legal advice in a range of subjects.

Short consultation sustainability

Swissmem helps companies achieve their environmental objectives.

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Energy and resource efficiency

Swissmem helps businesses to exploit areas of potential for enhancing energy and material…

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CEA framework conditions

The collective employment agreement (CEA) for the engineering industry is a modern contract which…

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Legal services for SMEs

Swissmem offers companies a competent and practice-oriented legal advice service.

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Law + more

Labour law advice and support for all businesses both within and outside the MEM industries.

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Swissmem’s innovation consultants help companies with innovation projects.

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The “Industry 2025” initiative promotes the topic of Industry 4.0 in Switzerland and supports…

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Brief technology consulting sessions

As the complexity of production technology increases, access to external knowledge is becoming ever…

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Financing for SMEs

Swissmem has well-established contacts with banks.

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Improving efficiency with lean processes

Swissmem equips companies with methods and tools for implementing their own lean management…

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Staff and organizational development

Staff and organizational development are closely linked topics. That’s why we take a holistic…

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«PowerMEM©» toolbox

PowerMEM© is an electronic reference work developed by Swissmem and experienced HR managers at…

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Industry statistics

Swissmem collects and regularly publishes industry key figures.

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Last update: 18.07.2019