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Head of Unit
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Environmental protection in practice

The Environmental Technology Industry sector brings together companies which manufacture systems or components for environmental technology applications. With their highly developed technologies, these companies offer integrated solutions in the areas of waste, water, noise and energy.

Through visits, the Industry sector continuously deepens its contacts with member companies, customers and public authorities. It also compiles technical statistics and participates in the activities of EUCETSA, the European association for environmental technology. This means members are always kept up to date with relevant issues and trends at both European and global level. In addition, the Industry sector makes appearances at joint media events, publishes industry articles and attends trade shows.

Our services

  • Information on national and international trends which helps companies to open up and develop markets in the environmental technology field.
  • Regular information sharing among group member companies.
  • Continuous expansion of the network
  • Maintaining contact with associations at home and abroad as well as with the national authorities on technical matters.
  • Fostering synergies between theory and practice through close collaboration with universities of applied sciences and technical institutes

The benefits to you

  • Exchanges with technical experts from other companies on technological trends, innovations and challenges in the environmental protection field
  • Insights from these exchanges to use in your own work.
  • Finding partners to tackle environment-specific tasks and challenges
  • Access to the Industry sector’s network and other organizations’ networks

Events and training opportunities

    24.01.2023 – 21.03.2023

    Managez vos équipes

    Ce séminaire, combinant modules à distances et exercices pratiques en présentiel, vous permettra de vous approprier les bases du management.

    Details Managez vos équipes
    From 31.01.2023

    Lernende in technischen Berufen ausbilden und bewerten

    Die betriebliche Ausbildung gezielt planen und durchführen

    In diesem Seminar lernen Sie, die betriebliche Ausbildung von Lernenden in den technischen MEM-Berufen zu planen, begleiten und organisieren.

    Details Lernende in technischen Berufen ausbilden und bewerten
    From 03.02.2023


    Modul 1 zu «Produktionsleiter/in Industrie HFP»

    Wer als technischer Profi den nächsten beruflichen Schritt machen möchte, kann sich mit dem Erwerb von Führungskompetenzen neue Aufgabenfelder erschliessen.

    Details Industriefachmann/frau
    06.02.2023 – 30.03.2023

    KV-Reform 2023 Basisinformationen

    In diesem Kurs werden die Basis-Informationen zur KV-Reform 2023 vermittelt.

    Details KV-Reform 2023 Basisinformationen

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Matthias Zoller
Head of Unit
+41 44 384 42 38 +41 44 384 42 38 m.zoller@swissmem.ch
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