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Worldwide increases in resource consumption are a major challenge. The MEM industries are between two poles here, as both resource consumers and solution providers for eco-friendly and resource-efficient industrial production.

Making production eco-friendly and using natural resources responsibly makes sense both environmentally and economically. MEM industry companies are thus constantly optimizing their production processes and using ecodesign to develop more efficient products.

Resource efficiency is relevant both at the production stage and during the life of products. Over its lifetime, a product designed to be environmentally friendly ("ecodesign") can yield energy or material savings equal to several times the cost of producing it. Not only is this good for the environment; it also pays off in terms of production, usage and disposal costs.

In order to nurture this development, Swissmem is campaigning for a political framework that will create a climate friendly to both industry and innovation. Every year, Swissmem also runs a basic course for environmental officers. This gives participants the requisite know-how to identify the relevant environmental aspects within their company and to take action.

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